Wes Cunningham: Pollyanna

Wes Cunningham’s "Pollyanna" is a striking indie-pop recording featuring finely-crafted songs and harmony-rich vocals. Cunningham wrote most of songs after falling in love with his wife, but he also sings about the selfish things that disappoint him in daily life. Throughout, there’s a heartfelf quality that’s rare in modern pop.
Released: 6/1/2003
Label: Pentavarit
Genre: Alt/Indie
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Wes Cunningham says falling in love prompted him to write the music that became "Pollyanna."
Vocal Style
Wes Cunningham says he always shapes his vocal approach to serve the song.
I Fall For Her (Over and Over)
This "often-overlooked" song is his favorite on the recording.
No Justice
Wes Cunningham says he often writes songs to remind him of certain truths about the world.
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