Hans Zimmer: Tears of the Sun

Hans Zimmer is an accomplished composer known for many soundtracks. On "Tears of the Sun," a Bruce Willis film, he did something risky and subversive. He composed music that was unsympathetic to the movie’s hero and instead made the film’s victims – innocent Africans – the source of musical hope and heroism.
Tears of the Sun
Released: 1/15/2003
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Tears of the Sun
Hans Zimmer says he agreed to do the soundtrack for this Bruce Willis film for surprising reasons.
The Anti-Hero
Hans Zimmer says the biggest risk he took in writing this soundtrack was making the film’s star seem cold and remote.
Lebo’s Gift
Hans Zimmer says his colleague, South African vocalist Lebo M., brought the real heroic aspect to the score: its hope.
Crossing Cultures
Hans Zimmer says musicians can cross cultural lines – such as the way he experimented with the kalimba, or African finger piano.
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