Ray Benson: Beyond Time

For 30 years, Ray Benson has been bandleader of Asleep at the Wheel, a freewheeling Western Swing band and nine-time Grammy winner. Benson has always written songs about matters close to his heart, but "Beyond Time" is his first solo release. The CD shows a more personal side as a writer while breaking new musical ground.
Beyond Time
Released: 6/24/2003
Label: Audium
Genre: Jazz
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Beyond Time
Ray Benson says his first solo CD is a venture into personal songwriting.
Clearing Up To Be Cloudy
Ray Benson says this is one of those ‘What did I do now?" songs.
Hands of Time
These spontaneous lyrics, set to a jazz-funk groove, ponders the inevitable passage of time.
Small Town
Ray Benson says kids will always get in trouble in small towns.
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