Jerry Ragovoy and Howard Tate: Howard Tate Rediscovered

When it comes to great soul albums of the 1960s, the music of vocalist Howard Tate and writer-arranger Jerry Ragovoy is among the very best. Today, 30 years after Tate left the music business, the pair have returned with a magnificent and acclaimed new CD, "Howard Tate Rediscovered," written, arranged and produced by Ragovoy.
Howard Tate Rediscovered
Released: 6/15/2003
Howard Tate
Jerry Ragovoy recounts how Howard Tate left the music business in the 1970s and how he found him.
That Voice
Jerry Ragovoy says Howard Tate’s voice never left his head – even after decades.
Jerry Ragovoy says his only goal is to write a good song.
Ragovoy says all good arrangers share one thing in common.
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