Greta Gertler: The Baby That Brought Bad Weather

Greta Gertler is an Australian singer-songwriter living in New York. Her debut CD, "The Baby That Brought Bad Weather," showcases her compelling voice and evocative Wurlitzer keys set against 1970s-style orchestral pop. The songs are lush, the production well-crafted. All in all, it’s a striking debut.
The Baby That Brought Bad Weather
Released: 6/16/2003
Genre: Alt/Indie
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The Baby That Brought Bad Weather
Greta Gertler’s debut CD started as a solo recording, but then all those cool NYC musicians got involved.
This song was written about a friend left behind in Australia.
This beautiful ballad is about a cherished childhood memory.
Sit Down Disco
Greta Gertler says why this is her favorite song on the CD.
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