Goapele: Even Closer

"Even Closer," the debut recording from Oakland, California’s Goapele Mohlabane, is an alluring mix of introspective, romantic and political songs from a notable young jazz and soul singer. Goapele’s voice is set against a range of sparse but sophisticated urban- and jazz-inflected tracks, enabling listeners to share her thoughts and feelings. It’s an impressive debut from an artist who deserves wider recognition.
Even Closer
Released: 11/15/2002
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Even Closer
Goapele says her first CD mixes many influences and personal thoughts.
Goapele says it’s unusual to write a love song about a good relationship.
Another Side
Goapele says writing about other people or society is hard, but necessary.
Things Don’t Exist
This introspective, jazzy song is about her struggle with race issues.
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