The Shazam: Tomorrow the World

"Tomorrow the World" is The Shazam’s fourth CD and finds the Nashville band playing some great rock-n-roll. Singer-writer-guitarist Hans Rotenberry puts just enough disheveled characters and whimsy into his songs to capture the attitude and energy of timeless rock. Add to that notable vocals and catchy riffs and the CD is a keeper.
Tomorrow the World
Released: 5/1/2003
Label: Not Lame
Genre: Rock
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Tomorrow The World
Hans Rotenberry says The Shazam’s fourth CD returns to band’s rock roots.
Good Rock
Hans Rotenberry says this rock song has "just enough danger to make it cool."
Falling All Around Me
Hans Rotenberry says the CD was recorded without too much planning – or almost none!
We Think Yer Dead
Hans Rotenberry says this song came from a dream and an old action movie plotline.
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