Kelly Price: Priceless

Kelly Price’s latest CD, "Priceless," sounds great, but that’s not half of it. It’s not every day an artist as successful as Price records a CD revealing their deepest struggles and how she faced these difficulties and found healthy self-esteem. But that’s the ground covered in "Priceless," which should inspire many people struggling with their own maturing relationships.
Released: 4/29/2003
Label: Def Soul
Genre: Pop
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Kelly Price says the songs on "Priceless" came from facing the biggest challenges in her life and marriage.
Most Personal CD
Kelly Price says she wants her songs to help people – and that’s why they’re so personal.
I Live Here Now
Kelly Price says this song is about her struggle for healthy self-esteem.
Strong Man
Kelly Price says this song, dedicated to her husband, is the culmination of the entire CD.
Kelly Price says she’s very proud of this song, featuring guitarist Eric Clapton.

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