David Lindley and Wally Ingram: Twango Bango III

Multi-instrumentalist David Lindley has been a musical pioneer for a long time. But his latest recording with percussionist Wally Ingram, "Twango Bango III," shows this exceptional player and performer at his best. Whether backing subversive lyrics with amazing lap steel, bringing banjo back into reggea, or playing an array of central Asian instruments in western musical settings, David Lindley does it all with humor and class. And Twango Bango III is his sixth independent, self-published CD.
Twango Bango III
Released: 1/15/2003
Label: D.L. Inc.
Twango Bango III
David Lindley says there’s two kinds of playing – electric and acoustic – on his latest recording with percussionist Wally Ingram; but, really, there’s more.
Hesitation Blues
Mr. Dave resurrected a favorite instrument – and one from early Caribbean music – for this traditional song. But playing tenor banjo was only the start.
When A Guy Get Boobs
David Lindley tells the real story of how he wrote this scary true-life song.
Praise the Oud
Only Mr. Dave could get away with playing the ancient oud like this – and pleasing the instrument’s modern masters.
David Lindley plays all Turkish instruments on this traditional Appalachian ballad, "Little Sadie."
Bonus Track
Ry Cooder may have coined the phrase "that same old greasy number," but Mr. Dave turned it into a song – because it’s everywhere!
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