Barry Schrader: EAM

Electronic composer Barry Schrader was drawn to music many years ago by the possibility of creating "something imagined, not recalled." Schrader found his voice in electronic music, where he’s created musical worlds by manipulating the timbre or qualities that color sound and make instruments distinct. This recording collects various pieces composed between 1986 and 2000.
Released: 3/15/2003
Label: Innova
Genre: Electronic
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Timbre Art Music
Electro-acoustic composer Barry Schrader says computers have enabled him to create sounds and moods that are not present in more ‘traditional’ instruments.
Dance from the Outside
In his only piece mixing electronic and ‘concrete’ sounds, Barry Schrader explains what he looks for when constructing timbres.
In the oldest work on the CD, Barry Schrader says he manipulated a ‘time-variant’ timbre to subtly change the color of the piece as it unfolds.
Barry Schrader says the third section of this work relies almost exclusively in changes in timbre to propel the musical narrative.
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