Remy Shand: The Way I Feel

Remy Shand’s music and story are a testament to talent, hard work and dedication. Growing up in Winnipeg, Canada, he taught himself to play many instruments, and sing, and write, and produce his own recordings fusing soul and R&B. His debut CD on Motown, "The Way I Feel," has been nominated for four Grammy Awards, including best R&B album, R&B song, male R&B vocal and traditional R&B vocal. Wow!
The Way I Feel
Released: 3/23/2002
Label: Motown
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The Way I Feel
Remy Shand says his struggles with women and other musicians who didn’t appreciate his vision were the emotional backdrop to his debut CD.
Thank You, Dad
Remy Shand credits his musician father with helping him develop his ears and talent to become the writer, singer and producer he is today.
Take A Message
Remy Shand says this Grammy-nominated song was written for a girl who fell in love with him – but he was more in love with his music.
Remy Shand describes how this song – nominated for best R&B male vocal – was his first exploration of the low end of his voice!
Remy Shand describes what prompted two of the most inspired tracks on his CD, the opening and closing cuts.
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