Mason Daring: Millenial Favorites

Film composer Mason Daring’s musical career started after he traded classical trumpet for guitar while at college and law school. After being a lawyer by day and a singer-songwriter by night, he started working in television and film, and met author and director, John Sayles, who asked him to compose for a film. He’s since written for dozens of films, cable and television shows.
Millenial Favorites
Released: 1/10/2003
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Film Composer
Mason Daring tells the story of how he met author and movie director John Sayles and started composing music for his films.
A Separate Peace
Daring says the actual composing for film starts with ‘spotting,’ or going through the film with the director, such as Peter Yates for "A Separate Peace."
Opposite Of Sex
For "The Opposite Of Sex," Mason Daring talks about writing for a humorous film with a sophisticated main character.
Lone Star
Mason Daring describes two pieces he wrote for "Lone Star," entitled "Paper Trail" and "Sam and Pilar."
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