Vivian Green: A Love Story

Though only 23, Vivian Green has been writing songs and working for years to launch her solo career. With "A Love Story," Green’s debut on Columbia, she has turned that page with a CD that showcases personal lyrics and her exceptional voice.
A Love Story
Released: 11/12/2002
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A Love Story
Vivian Green says the songs in "A Love Story" are like chapters from a book about losing and finding love.
Personal Songs
Vivian Green says she likes to write personal songs about what she’s going through.
The right track and a chance encounter with her ex led to this song about being angry.
Be Good To You
Vivian Green wrote this song for her husband when they were falling in love – and both had fears.
Musical Range
When asked, Vivian Green calls her CD ‘R&B.’ But there’s more to it than that.
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