Tom Paxton: Looking for the Moon

Tom Paxton has spent his life in folk music. On "Waiting for the Moon," he presents the musical equivalent of a family photo album. The songs are filled with intimacy, joy, sorrow and the accumulated perspectives and reflections of a rich and well-lived life.
Looking for the Moon
Released: 10/22/2002
Genre: Americana
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Looking for the Moon
Tom Paxton says he’s done some of his best work in the past 10 years, but this CD may be the best of all.
Favorite Song
Tom Paxton isn’t a cowboy, but he sure like to sing about this wayward one.
No First Drafts
Tom Paxton talks about his songwriting process and the title cut, "Looking for the Moon."
My River
Tom Paxton has always been moved by rivers – and for good reason!
Me and a Couple of Angels
Tom Paxton recalls how this simple song first appeared and became a song.
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