Tom Burris: For Sale

"For Sale" is Tom Burris’ first recording since the lead singer of Jabbering Trout embarked on a solo career. Burris is thoughtful writer with a subversive streak – his lyrics can be taken at face value but there’s more to them. The CD was produced by John Alagia, who’s framed Burris’ musings in finely crafted pop-rock settings.
For Sale
Released: 9/10/2002
Genre: Rock
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For Sale
Tom Burris says he wrote most of the songs on "For Sale" after turning points in his life and music.
For a while, Burris didn’t think he’d write songs again – but he couldn’t help himself.
Damn Fantastic
There’s more to the happiest tune on the CD than immediately meets the ear…
No Other Way
A heartfelt political song that has a timeless quality.
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