Yohimbe Brothers: Front End Lifter

Guitarist Vernon Reid, D.J. Logic and their many musical friends are the Yohimbe Brothers, a new group playing a futuristic mix of funk, hip hop, rock, jazz and electronic music. Their CD, "Front End Lifter," is an upbeat collection of party tunes, sonic tapestries and simply wild passages, all intended, as Vernon Reid says, to lift listeners out of the present and transport them to another place.
Front End Lifter
Released: 9/10/2002
Genre: Electronic
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Yohimbe Brothers
Vernon Reid says the Yohimbe Brothers are an ensemble about transformation.
Vernon Reid
The well-known guitarist says he’s been into electronic music for a long, long time.
Musical Collisions
What makes American music great, Reid says, are the unintended musical collisions.
The Turntable!
A few word in praise of the mighty turntable and D.J. Logic’s musical gifts.
6996 (Club Yohimbe)
The Yohimbe Brothers theme song is equal parts party tune and a humorous skit.
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