Jen Chapin and Stephan Crump: Open Wide

Jen Chapin’s and Stephan Crump’s recording debut, "Open Wide," is a distinctive musical pairing of her voice and his acoustic bass. Their sound is often described as ‘urban folk,’ but that description doesn’t quite do justice to Chapin’s singing or Crump’s rhythm and melodic phrasing. Chapin’s sings about her life, friends and society, all the while showing how less can become more in music.
Open Wide
Released: 6/2/2002
Genre: Alt/Indie
The Duo
Jen Chapin was looking for a new sound and discovered singing with a standup bass.
Stephan Crump
Jen Chapin says she couldn’t create this type of music with any bassist.
Hurry Up Sky
The newest song on the recording is, in part, a tribute to a departed friend.
Slow Tide
Jen Chapin says this early song has evolved over the years.
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