Echo: Echo

Echo is singer/keyboardist/composer Joy Askew, trumpeter/ composer Takuya Nakamura and guitarist Mark Wood. Their compelling and intriguing music is electronic jazz–standards and originals set to an intriguing mix of sonic pads and composed tracks. By merging the classic and cutting-edge, Echo will likely bring something that’s truly new in music to wider audiences.
Released: 9/17/2002
Genre: Electronic
All Echo profiles…
Joy Askew says there now is a whole new approach to music – from pop to jazz.
Electronic Pioneers
Joy Askew started as a jazz musician and finds the roots of electronic music in the work of pioneers such as Miles Davis and Laurie Anderson.
The Track
Joy Askew describes the musical perspectives Echo brings to this Cole Porter song.
Night And Day
Joy Askew has played this jazz standard for many years – but not like this.
Off-Center Singing
Joy Askew wanted her vocals to be intimate, but not the center of attention.
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