Steve Earle: Jerusalem

Steve Earle is one of America’s most-accomplished singer-songwriters. Throughout his career, Earle has written songs with political slants, but speaking of his newest record, “Jerusalem,” he says, “This is a political record because there seems to be no other proper response to the place we’re at.”
Released: 9/24/2002
Label: Artemis
Genre: Americana
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Ashes To Ashes
Steve Earle says every great nation – including the United States – won’t dominate the world forever, and should anticipate that future.
Conspiracy Theory
A song about cover-ups and half-truths put forth by political leaders to avoid dealing with the real issues.
John Walker’s Blues
Steve Earle says he wrote this song not just because John Walker was targeted by the government, but because he has a son the same age.
Earle’s song of optimism on the CD: the Mideast’s conflicts don’t have to be an endless downward spiral.
Bonus Track
In this question-and-answer segment, Steve Earle discusses why he made the most political album of his career and his take on current affairs.
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