Tony Furtado: American Gypsy

Tony Furtado is an accomplished instrumentalist who plays with unusual poise and flair. His latest CD, "American Gypsy," features his ever-evolving banjo and guitar – including slide guitar – in a groove-oriented ensemble, as well as more delicate compositions inspired by various American and British Isle styles.
American Gypsy
Released: 8/2/2002
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American Gypsy
Tony Furtado says his latest CD features roots music in a modern electric setting.
Angry Monk
Furtado says this song mixes musical styles and techniques from banjo and guitar.
Oh Berta Berta
This prison work song was first recorded by Alan Lomax many years ago.
This instrumental is dedicated to the late John Hartford, an friend and inspiration.
Bonus Track
Tony Furtado shares a lesson he learned from John Hartford.
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