Garth Hudson: The Sea To The North

After decades of lending his multi-instrumentalist and composing talents to notables in the folk and rock world, Garth Hudson has released his first solo recording. "The Sea To The North" features six compositions showing why Hudson is not just a master of many musical traditions, but a boundary-breaking performer who likes to tell musical (and other) tales with great spontaneity and wit.
The Sea To The North
Released: 8/15/2002
Genre: Jazz
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Midwestern Car Music
Garth Hudson says one of the rewarding things about his solo CD is some people like to listen to it in their cars – but there’s more to it than that.
Sounds and Memories
Behind the compositions on "The Sea To The North" are images and memories from Garth’s youth, and quite a bit of musical history.
"The Sea To The North"
In the title cut, Garth says he explores a mix of eastern European and American blues melodies on the accordian.
"Little Island"
This solo piano composition comes with a story, of course, and some tricky piano jazz harmonies.
The Khamak
Garth recalls his early sessions with the ‘Bauls of Bengal’ at Big Pink, who are also featured on percussion and khamak on this piece.
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