Derek Bermel: Soul Garden

Clarinetist-composer Derek Bermel’s latest CD features pieces that track the development of some of his signature sounds. Bermel is a talented player and writer who draws on broad influences – modern chamber to jazz to worldbeat – to craft crisp, energetic pieces. The compositions are performed with drama and flair by a range of notable small ensembles.
Soul Garden
Released: 5/24/2002
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Soul Garden
Derek Bermel says the "Soul Garden" CD has two types of pieces written for small ensembles; musical narratives and more conceptual ones.
One distinctive thread in Bermel’s music is what he calls "gesture," his dramatic voice-like phrasing.
Title Cut
"Soul Garden" was originally written for a dance company, but evolved into a piece showcasing Paul Neubauer on cello.
Writing In Styles
Bermel says two pieces, "Turning" and "SchiZm," came from a period when his writing drew on specific musical styles he was studying.
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