David Massengill: My Home Must Be A Special Place

Singer-songwriter David Massengill has lived in New York City for 26 years, but he returns to his native Tennesse for his latest CD, "My Home Must Be A Special Place." Massengill took care of his father before his death and being in his hometown prompted Messengill to revisit his parent’s life and family stories in song. He sings of ordinary but magic moments, what he calls "Norman Rockwell meets Salvador Dali."
My Home Must Be A Special Place
Released: 8/13/2002
Label: No Label
Genre: Americana
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My Home Must be A Special Place
David Massengill says his songwriting is a look into his past and family history.
Family Stories
Family stories are perfect in many ways, he says, including as inspiration for songs.
Frank Goodpasture’s Pony
Massengill’s father often told a story about growing up near to a boy with a pony.
Girl From Nebraska
Some stories are told a lot, but others aren’t; such as how his parents met.

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