Michelle Williams: Heart To Yours

Michelle Williams, the first member of R&B super-group Destiny’s Child to release a solo CD, "Heart To Yours," has recorded a Gospel CD of inspirational songs with a decisively modern sound. Joined by other noted vocalists, including Shirley Ceasar, Mary Mary, and Carl Thomas, Williams presents a range of heartfelt songs to help young people get past their troubles and heal themselves with God’s love.
Heart To Yours
Released: 4/16/2002
Genre: Pop
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Heart To Yours
Michelle Williams says she wanted her first solo CD, a Gospel record, to help people with some of the difficulties she experienced growing up.
Michelle’s Voice
The recording sessions with lots of other singers brought her voice to a new level.
Steal Away
This song, featuring Gospel great Shirley Ceasar, was done in an energetic flash.
Young Gospel
Williams wants to encourage other young musicians to pursue Gospel music.
Williams says the last song on the CD, with Carl Thomas, means a lot to her.
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