Julia Fordham: Concrete Love

Julia Fordham is an exceptional vocalist whose artistry sits on the fine line between jazz singing and well-crafted pop. Her seventh recording, "Concrete Love," features notable co-writing, production and studio talent – Larry Klein, Gary Clark, Dean Park, Indie.Arie – and delivers sleek, soulful ballads and love songs. It also finds Fordham exploring her voice’s lower end, making the performances even more relaxed and sultry.
Concrete Love
Released: 6/18/2002
Label: Vanguard
Genre: Pop
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The Recording
Julia Fordham describes how the extraordinary bassist-producer Larry Klein helped shape the modern soulful sound of her latest recording.
Concrete Love
The title cut is about a certain kind of love, one that’s grounded and steady.
Julia Fordham says she’s learned to listen to the songwriting muse whenever and wherever it strikes.
Sing Low
In previous recordings, Julia says she’s ignored what’s probably the most notable aspect of her voice, the bottom end. But not on "Concrete Love."

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