Dave Pirner: Faces and Names

After two decades as Soul Asylum’s frontman, Dave Pirner has recorded his first solo CD. He began working on "Faces and Names" after moving to New Orleans, and the recording finds Pirner singing personal songs against a musical backdrop influenced by the city’s signature sounds. Pirner is a talented writer and producer, and the CD showcases a seasoned artist crafting new music with passion and skill.
Faces and Names
Released: 7/15/2002
Genre: Rock
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Dave Pirner
Dave Pirner says his first solo CD began as a musical lark.
Start Treating People Right
Dave Pirner says he’s been waiting for years to write this song.
Solo Songwriting
The solo CD shows a side of Dave Pirner you won’t find on Soul Asylum.
Living In New Orleans
Dave Pirner says moving to New Orleans revived his interest in roots music, especially gospel.
Faces And Names
Dave says the title cut is a storytelling song, inspired by great writers like Gabriel Garcia Marquez.
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