Mickey Hart: Mondo Head

Mickey Hart has been a path-breaking percussionist for years. A former Grateful Dead member, he is known for bringing together players from a mix of traditions and creating dramatic new fusions. "Mondo Head," the CD he produced and played on for the renowned Japanese taiko group, Kodo, is one of his best yet. Kodo spent a week with Hart, improvising as a parade of top percussionists came, played and went. Hart then asked some fabulous ‘world beat’ vocalists to add to the improvisations. The result is ‘Mondo Head."
Mondo Head
Released: 4/24/2002
Genre: Jazz
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Mondo Head
Mickey Hart says his collaboration with Kodo, the Japanese taiko ensemble, and renowned percussionists and vocalists is one if his best projects yet.
Musical Surprises
The recording contains many musical surprises, such as when blues-harp player Charlie Musselwhite stopped by during the recording sessions.
The Zone
The goal of improvisational playing, Hart says, is to get into "the zone," when a certain spirit flows through the players, instruments and music… and then disappears.
Ecstatic Vocalists
Hart says there’s one quality in all the vocalists he works with: a prayer-like voice he calls "ecstasis."
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