Shaggy: Hotshot Ultramix

Shaggy is a Grammy-winning reggae-pop star known for tongue-in-cheek vocals and a party vibe. His latest CD, "Hotshot Ultramix," shows these and other sides of his musical personality, ranging from upbeat club and dance tunes to more relaxed grooves with confesional lyrics. Produced at his home recording studio, "Hotshot Ultramix" shows you don’t need a large label or big studio to create topnotch modern music.
Hotshot Ultramix
Released: 2/22/2002
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Homemade Music
Shaggy’s latest CD was made in his basement studio – with his friends!
The first single from the CD wasn’t about love; it was about not giving up.
Sampling And Writing
Shaggy says he selectively uses samples to get his music on the radio.
The Voice
Shaggy discovered his voice during running exercises while in the U.S. Marines.
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