John Trudell: Bone Days

John Trudell’s poetry and music reflect an extraordinary life. He grew up on a Sioux reservation, served in Vietnam and helped lead the 1970’s American Indian Movement. In the 80s he began recording a fusion of poetry and Native music. Over the years, Trudell added electric blues to the mix. Bone Days continues this legacy; prompting listeners to look inward and out, be real, and proceed with wisdom and grace.
Bone Days
Released: 4/9/2002
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Bone Days
John Trudell says he wanted "Bone Days" to speak to people about the hidden edges in their lives.
Trudell writes what he sees and feels, which may lead to a political song, a love song or something else.
Sorry Love
A realistic and unique take on love and relationships.
Trudell’s musical partner for 20 years, Quilt’s chants add a contemporary Native American dimension to Trudell’s poetry and the band’s electric sound.
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