Damian Marley: Halfway Tree

"Halfway Tree," Damian Marley’s Grammy Award-winning Reggae CD, takes its name from the Kingston, Jamaica, neighborhood that sits between the city’s privileged and poor. It’s the aptly named recording by Bob Marley’s youngest son, who grew up in both worlds but follows in his family’s musical footsteps with songs and rapping that seek to lift oppressed peoples’ spirits and dignity.
Halfway Tree
Released: 9/11/2001
Label: Motown
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Halfway Tree
Damian Marley says he wanted this recording to showcase him as an artist who has really come into his own.
Educated Fools
A political song with very personal roots.
Reggae and HipHop
Marleys says HipHop grew naturally out of Reggae and from other sources that inspire music from the streets.
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