Laurie Spiegel: Obsolete Systems

Laurie Spiegel has been a pioneer in the field of electronic music since the late ’60s, when she began using computers to create sounds and compositions that challenged assumptions about notes, meter, harmony and orchestration. "Obsolete Systems" showcases her early works, which take listeners to sonic vistas and emotional landscapes that share a primal yet otherworldly beauty.
Obsolete Systems
Released: 1/1/2002
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Obsolete Systems
When Laurie Spiegel started using computers to make music, people were a bit skeptical.
First Pieces
The early appeal was the chance to directly shape sounds and explore new emotional terrain.
Harmonic Logic
The next phase was not only using computers to sculpt sound, but to compose as well.
Spiegel says electronic music and nonrepresentational art share aesthetic qualities.
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