Keola Beamer: Soliloquy

Keola Beamer is one of the modern masters of Hawaiian "slack key" guitar, a delicate and uplifting fingerstyle that’s evolved over the past century to accompany Hawaiian song and dance. On "Soliloquy," Beamer offers 10 original compositions and 5 Hawaiian standards, all combining subtle melodies and rich textures that seem to effortlessly flow from a well-lived life on a beautiful and inspiring tropical island.
Released: 1/8/2002
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Keola Beamer says his most recent CD was inspired by his students and the Hawaiian environment.
Beamer says this song portrays a turbulent offshore channel and is written in a "double slack" tuning.
Slack Key Guitar
Slack key guitar means writing and playing on a guitar whose strings are tuned to different chords, each offering a mood and personality.
Pua Lililehua
This tune, like many Hawaiian standards, was written decades ago but is still being reinterpreted today.
The Way of Slack
Beamer says slack key isn’t just about different tunings, it’s a way of life.
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