Mighty Sam McClain: Sweet Dreams

Mighty Sam McClain is a singer-songwriter-bandleader who draws on blues, gospel, jazz and country to present music that’s full of heart and honesty. Sam’s songs might appear to be about his struggles, women, love and rekindling relationships; but below the surface they are all pure gospel – songs about love, having faith and God. He sings with a large, soulful voice and is backed by an able and talented band featuring keys, horns and guitars.
Sweet Dreams
Released: 10/1/2001
Label: Heads Up
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Sweet Dreams
Mighty Sam McClain says life has been good to him lately, so he’s got to sing about it.
Mighty Sam’s Music
There’s a little bit of everything in Sam’s music – soul, gospel, country – so just don’t call it the blues.
Here I Come Again
There’s two versions of this song he wrote for "Weeping Willie" on the CD; both showcase Sam’s singing.
Learn How to Love You Again
When he wrote this song, Sam says it was about a women. But over the years, it became a song about God.
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