Chocolate Genius: Godmusic

"Chocolate Genius" is the name of the eclectic, if not theatrical musings of Marc Anthony Thompson and his circle of collaborators. In "godmusic," Thompson surrounds his quiet and soulful voice with a striking sonic tapestry that mixes subtle grooves, artful dissonance and improvisation. Thompson’s lyrics can be careful or carefree, which adds mystery and appeal to the persona he’s created.
Released: 8/7/2001
Label: V2
Genre: Alt/Indie
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Chocolate Genius
Marc Anthony Thompson says "Chocolate Genius" began as a fun ploy, but then people started taking it seriously.
Thompson says his lyrics may differ from song to song, but the underlying theme remains the same.
There’s a reason the CD cover is a headphone set; Thompson loves all kinds of sounds.
Thompson says some listeners don’t recognize the humourous side of his songwriting.
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