Monthly Archives: November 2001

Mighty Sam McClain: Sweet Dreams

Mighty Sam McClain is a singer-songwriter-bandleader who draws on blues, gospel, jazz and country to present music that’s full of heart and honesty. Sam’s songs might appear to be about his struggles, women, love and rekindling relationships; but below the … Continue reading


Wayne Horvitz: Forever

Wayne Horvitz is a composer and pianist who writes elegant pieces that are closer to songs in shape and sentiment than jazz standards. In "Forever," his first CD featuring piano in years, he presents a dozen sparse lush pieces, including … Continue reading


Chocolate Genius: Godmusic

"Chocolate Genius" is the name of the eclectic, if not theatrical musings of Marc Anthony Thompson and his circle of collaborators. In "godmusic," Thompson surrounds his quiet and soulful voice with a striking sonic tapestry that mixes subtle grooves, artful … Continue reading