Toya: Toya

Toya’s debut on Arista Records is an impressive collection of energetic, personal songs about going out, meeting guys, having good relationships and taking care after disappointments. It’s a stylish, alert and confident mix of having fun and being wise that’s not what you expect from most 19-year-olds. But St. Louis’ Toya Rodriquez isn’t a typical teenager; she’s a notable young artist with poise and flair.
Released: 8/7/2001
Label: Arista
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Toya says most of her songs are about situations she or her friends have been in.
How Can I Be Down?
The CD starts with going out and meeting the right guy in the right way – not sacrificing your style.
Then comes a trio of songs about insisting on honesty and communication in relationships.
And then come songs about disappointments, moving on and building yourself back up.
Toya says this song, one of her favorites, encourages women to be wise.
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