Joni Harms: After All

Joni Harm’s eighth CD – her first on an independent label – finds the country-and-western singer writing songs and singing in styles that are close to her heart. A genuine cowgirl – she lives on her grandfather’s ranch – Harms sings uplifting songs that value home, enduring love, good work and clean fun. She’s backed by skilled players whose styles aren’t heard that much on radio today, making "After All" a treat for longtime country fans.
After All
Released: 9/4/2001
Genre: Country
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Joni Harms
When Joni Harms sings about life on the ranch, she’s lived it – and that lifestyle is what her music is all about.
Cowboys and Good Men
Joni Harms says she’s always loved classic country-and-western songs, whether about cowboys or good men.
After All
The title cut is typical of Harm’s writing style – simple, direct, emotional – and danceable.
Joni Harms says Millie is a waitress she met in Nashville who encouraged her all these years.
I Want To Sing for You
An old, personal favorite features Joni Harms on solo guitar.
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