Old 97’s: Satellite Rides

Old 97’s third Electra release, "Satellite Rides," finds the once alt-country band evolving into a more nuanced group playing a range of material from acoustic ballads to catchy rock. Most of the songs first appeared in songwriter showcase clubs in New York and Los Angeles, and then the group spent months turning them into arrangements before recording. The result is Old 97’s best effort yet at mixing their live sound with studio subtleties.
Satellite Rides
Released: 3/20/2001
Label: Electra
Genre: Alt/Indie
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Satellite Rides
Rhett Miller says "Satellite Rides" finds the band turning some personal and musical corners.
Miller spent the past few years writing songs for two cool clubs in New York and Los Angeles.
Two Surprising Songs
"Question" and "King of All The World" came out of the blue and landed on the CD.
Buick City Complex
Miller says he wasn’t a socially conscious songwriter until he found himself in Flint, Michigan.
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