Grand: Grand

Grand’s self-titled debut on Ascend Records is an impressive collection of rock and power-pop tunes performed with flair and sung by Jason Karaban, an evocative singer-songwriter whose voice looms large over the band’s diverse grooves and textures. Karaban is one of those singers who delivers songs with a catchy, emotional certainty, though the lyrics remain intentionally mysterious.
Released: 7/31/2001
Label: Ascend
Genre: Alt/Indie
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Singer-songwriter Jason Karaban says Grand has always been about playing good, melodic rock songs.
Karaban’s songwriting usually is a stream of consciousness process, and he says that’s best for listeners.
Back to Me
The rare exception: a song prompted by a specific musician-to-musician ritual.
Blue by Now
And even rarer: Karaban recalls what inspired this melancholy ballad.
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