Robin DiMaggio: Blue Planet

Drummer-percussionist Robin DiMaggio grew up in France and then moved to the states where he became known as a player who could hit and hold musical feels. On "Blue Planet," he returns to his roots and has composed and produced a CD inspired by different musical styles and cultures from around the world. Guest performers include Steve Vai, Steve Lukather, Stuart Hamm, L. Shankar, David Paich, Mike Porcaro, Steve Porcaro, Tal B. and others.
Blue Planet
Released: 4/24/2001
Genre: Jazz
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Blue Planet
Drummer-percussionist Robin DiMaggio wanted an album that was a musical world tour, not a collection of drum solos.
DiMaggio called on some well-known vocalists like L. Shankar, and some newly discovered talent, like Tal B.
There’s nothing like nailing a composition on the first take.
Rue du Tribourg
DiMaggio redeems the much-maligned accordion on this song.
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