Ricky Ian Gordon: Bright Eyed Joy

Ricky Ian Gordon has composed for the concert hall, opera stage and theatre for years, but until the release of "Bright Eyed Joy," Gordon’s work has only appeared on anthologies. Now, on his first solo CD, Gordon sets his favorite subject – lyric poetry – to music, and is joined by some of today’s best singers and instrumentalists to create this remarkable recording.
Bright Eyed Joy
Released: 4/17/2001
Label: NoneSuch
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Bright Eyed Joy
Ricky Ian Gordon is a composer with an enormous body of work, but until now his reportoire has never filled an entire CD.
Poetry and Music
Gordon sees poems as dramas and scenes waiting to be set to music and performed on stage.
The Vocalists
Each of the CD’s seven vocalists breathes extraordinary life and emotion into the poetry they sing.
A Contemporary
Gordon says one of the most free-form poems on the album became one of the most moving.
When Sue Wears Red
Gordon chose this Langston Hughes poem for its drama and sensuality.
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