Michael Franti and Spearhead: Stay Human

Michael Franti and Spearhead’s "Stay Human" is a striking album that looks at some of today’s biggest issues and offers encouraging songs for personal growth and social progress. Led by Franti, the CD features wonderfully warm and insightful songs interrupted by pirate radio broadcasts covering the execution of a beloved community activist. The infectious music and radio drama combine to create a CD that’s poignant, memorable and inspiring.
Stay Human
Released: 5/15/2001
Label: 6 Degrees
No Ordinary CD
Singer-songwriter Michael Franti says he wants his music to inspire people to make real change possible.
Oh My God
"Stay Human" starts with a stark assessment of modern life and is followed by songs encouraging solutions.
Be the Media
Franti says the pirate radio show segments between songs are part of the solution: anyone can broadcast their thoughts.
Death Penalty
Franti says his portrayal of the death penalty is a both a statement about that practice and a metaphor for how people lead their lives.
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