John Mayer: Room for Squares

John Mayer is an exuberant young singer-songwriter with a flair for optimistic pop tunes with a slight jazzy twist. In his debut CD, "Room for Squares," he pulls from songs written in the past three years since leaving college to pursue music full-time. Produced by John Alagia (who’s worked with Dave Matthews and Ben Folds Five), the recording is an auspicious start for a talented new artist.
Room for Squares
Released: 6/5/2001
Label: Aware
Genre: Pop
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Room for Squares
John Mayer’s debut CD is an unabashed collection of finely-crafted, personal pop tunes.
No Such Thing
The first song (and single) on the CD is so overconfident, Mayer says, that it’s funny.
My Stupid Mouth
How many guys write songs about saying really dumb things to women over dinner?
City Love
Mayer is infatuated with New York City – and friends of his who fell in love there.
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