Richard Lloyd: The Cover Doesn’t Matter

Richard Lloyd began his career as a guitarist in the seminal 1970s New York rock band Television. His fourth solo release, "The Cover Doesn’t Matter," finds Lloyd in top form as a writer, arranger and rock instrumentalist. The CD is an exceptional, guitar-driven sonic tapestry, where each song is woven together by beats, stereophonic melodies and fills that are both loose and highly composed.
The Cover Doesn't Matter
Released: 2/20/2001
Genre: Rock
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The Cover Doesn’t Matter
Richard Lloyd says he’s experiencing a renaissance in his life and music, and it shows in his latest CD.
Guitar Player
It’s not every guitarist who can get away with comparing his playing to a sports car – and get away with it.
Torn Shirt
Lloyd says songwriting isn’t always easy, but this song was an exception (and check out that solo).
The Passage of Time
Two songs, with two very different takes on the passage of time: "Ain’t It Time" and "She Loves to Fly."

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