Duane Jarvis: Certified Miracle

East Nashville’s Duane Jarvis has worked with some of the best singer-songwriters for years – Lucinda Willaims, John Prine, Dwight Yoakam. On his fourth solo CD, "Certified Miracle," Jarvis mixes a sparse songwriting style with a variety of soulful textures and feels. The result is a wide range of songs, tied together by Jarvis’ distinct singing and focus on real-life emotions.
Certified Miracle
Released: 6/26/2001
Genre: Americana
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Certified Miracle
Jarvis has worked with many great musicians, but he’s also been a songwriter all along.
Still I Long for Your Kiss
Jarvis has collaborated with Lucinda Williams for years, including co-writing this soulful ballad.
Simple is Better
When it comes to writing songs, Jarvis likes plain-spoken lyrics that convey day-to-day emotions.
Donald Lindley
Two very different songs about dealing with loss: "Sad Blue Year" and "Last Time You Cried."
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