Tammy Cochran: Tammy Cochran

Tammy Cochran’s debut on Epic is a remarkable display of passion and grace about weathering life’s ups and downs and emerging all-the-wiser. Cochran spent two years looking for the right songs – stories that people in similar circumstances could understand and take comfort in. She sings in a voice full of beauty, emotion and heart, leaving no doubts about who she is and what she feels.
Tammy Cochran
Released: 5/1/2001
Label: Epic
Genre: Country
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Tammy Cochran
Tammy Cochran says listeners will have no doubts about who she is and what she’s been through.
What I Learned from Loving You
Cochran is drawn to songs about relationships where hope and wisdom follow the difficulties.
That Voice
Cochran says her voice was shaped by the great country singers she heard growing up.
Angels in Waiting
The CD’s unlikely single is a tribute to her two brothers who died of MS.
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