Stabbing Westward: Stabbing Westward

Stabbing Westward’s latest CD is an audacious and inspiring leap. The platinum-selling group has shelved their industrial-metal sound and emerged as a striking and powerful guitar-driven rock band. Singer/songwriter Christopher Hall’s writing and vocals have never been better, and the band’s new sound, led by guitarist Derrek Hawkins, is bold, energetic and inspiring.
Stabbing Westward
Released: 5/22/2001
Label: Koch
Genre: Rock
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Big New Sound
Stabbing Westward singer/songwriter Christopher Hall says the band has been re-energized by their new rock sound.
Introducing Derrek
A big part of Stabbing Westward’s new sound is guitarist Derrek Hawkins.
So Far Away
Halls says seeing a relationship crumble led him to write this poignant rocker – the CD’s first single.
Chris’ Songs
Hall says the growth of the band’s sound inspired him as a writer and singer.
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