Mr. Short Khop: Da Khop Shop

Mr. Short Khop’s debut on TVT Records marks the end of a long road for the West Coast Hip Hop artist. While Da Khop Shop is above all a party album, this long-awaited release has a street-smart edge and a don’t-mess-with-me message, with guests including Ice Cube, Kurrupt, Problem Child, WC, Kokane and yes, Shaquile O’Neill.
Da Khop Shop
Released: 3/20/2001
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Da Khop Shop
Mr. Short Khop’s debut on TVT isn’t just a party CD – it tells his story and features friends and family.
One Way to Win
This song recorded with Ice Cube has a tough lesson in it – but that’s okay with Khop.
Shaq Raps
Khop asked the famous basketball player to join him on a track – and he did.
Dollaz, Drank and Dank
The party vibe wrote this song, with some help from BattleCat and Kokane.

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