Olu Dara: Neighborhoods

Olu Dara grew up in rural Mississippi, and moved to New York City, where he’s been a jazz musician and songwriter for the African-American theater. In "Neighborhoods," he transforms numerous theater pieces into songs about his early years. The result is an album that’s rootsy and urbane, mixing soulful storytelling with a funk-jazz-blues sensibility.
Released: 2/20/2001
Label: Atlantic
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Olu Dara’s "Neighborhoods," the second CD in a trilogy about his life, features songs about growing up in Mississippi.
Country and City
Olu Dara grew up in the countryside near Nachez, and hasn’t forgotten his roots, even after moving to New York City.
Songs from the Stage
Dara says he wrote more than 100 songs a year for the theater for many years.
Creative Process
Dara brings a certain vitality and spontaneity to recording, as in a vocal duet with Cassandra Wilson.
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