Nicky Love: Honeyvision

Nicky Love’s impressive debut on Dreamworks comes after years of trying to be more than just another attractive blonde on stage. Attractive and blonde she may be stuck with, but she also offers up an array of catchy modern rock songs about her sometimes dark adventures. Love’s music is sexy, rebellious, angry and whimsical – with great beats, rich guitars and a subtle dose of psychedelia.
Released: 6/26/2001
Label: Dreamworks
Genre: Rock
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Nicky Love
Nicky Love’s debut CD comes after years of trying to emerge as a singer and songwriter.
Daylight Tripping
Love says her mind often wanders to exotic places, and these places often end up in her songs.
This confessional song sprang from one of Love’s darkest moments and the clarity it produced.
A favorite song… about a woman who refuses to be put in a box.
The title cut is Love’s homage to the sweetness of forbidden fruit.
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